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Innovation for Performance & Vitality

Sport & Vitality is of huge importance for society and economy. It is indisputable that Sport is a major part of our lives both as entertainment but also because of the health aspect. Physical inactivity imposes both direct (eg medical) and indirect (eg productivity) costs on society. Prevention through stimulating active living will help keep populations healthier, more productive and independent for longer.

The economical importance of sports&vitality is shown best by research conducted by the European Commission. According to the conclusions of the study, the share of sport-related Gross Domestic Product within the EU is 2.12 % and amounts to € 279.7 bn. Furthermore, the share of sport-related employment amounts to 2.72 % of total EU employment, equivalent to 5.666.195 persons.

As in any other sector, innovation and business creation for sports and vitality is a vital asset in the professionalising and development of this growing sector.

Cluster Sports &Technology: Creating value by accelerating innovations

For more than 15  years Q-helix partners (businesses, sports field labs, governments and knowledge institutions) have been successfully working within the Cluster Sports & Technology to develop and realise innovative solutions that create a vital and sporting society and economical impact. The combination of the High Tech Brainport region and the sports mentality of Brabant creates the unique ecosystem for the Cluster Sports & Technology. Making use of each other’s capacity, network, disciplines and facilities acts as a leverage in the development and application of innovations for sports, exercise and vitality. By bringing parties together physically, ideas are realized and business is created.

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Various means have been developed for parties affiliated with the Cluster Sports & Technology. These resources are available for your own use.

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