Cluster Sports & Technology is one of the partners in DIGIT-PRE, a unique innovation support program, supported by the EU, for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with innovative digital solutions for prevention, prediction, and remote care. 

We work in the DIGIT-PRE Network across 10 European regions in 7 countries with complementary competencies (health, research, sport, innovation). You can learn more about the project here. 

The DIGIT-PRE network has identified a series of societal challenges that need innovative solutions to re-imagine the world. We look for  SMEs that can provide innovative solutions for these challenges.

Why is this important to you as an SME?

On May 15th DIGIT-PRE will launch an open call that will support the consortia of SMEs to accelerate the development of digital health solutions for prevention, prevention, and remote care, from TRL6 (prototype) to TRL9 (market introduction).  Each consortium must:

  • Be trans-regional or transnational;
  • Consist of 2 or 3 SMEs that apply with a joint project.  

If you don’t have a partner, we can support you by providing a matchmaking process where you can look for relevant SMEs for a joint application.  

As an SME located in the region of South Netherlands or West Netherlands, you can apply with a relevant SME partner(s) from DIGIT-PRE regions (see the full list here). Your candidate project should aim at accelerating the development of your product from prototype demonstration to market introduction and address at least one of these 5 pre-defined challenge topics:

  • Elderly Health;
  • Mental Health;
  • Neurological Conditions;
  • Lifestyle Habits;
  • Rehabilitation. 

Each selected SME project will receive financial and technical support to bring the idea towards the market introduction such as : 

  • Get the chance to bring their solution to the international market and access new partners, customers, and funding opportunities; 
  • Support in cash and services for the development of the solution; 
  • Mentoring in innovation & business, access to networks, knowledge, and expertise;
  • Be able to experiment with the solution in test beds and living labs; 
  • “Easy access” to what SMEs need in terms of professional services to scale the innovation idea;
  • Help in reaching sustainability goals. 

A total of minimum 10 projects will be selected and receive funding and technical support. If there are SMEs in your network interested in the call, we would like to invite them to register and attend an (online)  information day on the 16th of May from 13:00 CET to 14:15 CET dedicated to the open call. You can learn more and find the registration link here.