Together with five other partners, Cluster Sports & Technology managed to win a European project designed to promote sustainability, inclusivity, and innovation in sports facilities throughout Europe. It seeks to meet the urgent demand for sustainable transformations in these facilities. By creating tools, guidelines, and knowledge-sharing platforms, ESMIS aims to equip sports facilities with the means to implement sustainable practices, thereby fostering positive changes within the sports sector and beyond.

What does the ESMIS project entail?

The traditional model of sports facilities has faced increasing scrutiny due to its significant environmental impact and vulnerability to global challenges such as climate change. Recognizing the urgency of addressing these issues, the Enhance Sustainable Measures In Sports Facilities (ESMIS) project aims to pioneer a new era of sustainable sports facilities across Europe. The project aims to initiate a new era of sustainable sports facilities throughout Europe.

For this, we are working together with 5 other parties: UCLM (Spain), INDESCAT (Spain), Olympiacos SFP (Greece), Sport Ireland (Ireland) and EPSI (Belgium). Cluster Sports & Technology is the leader of this project and thus takes on the coordinator role. The project has a budget of 400 000 euros, divided among the partners. Together we will work to get more sport facilities in Europe to adopt sustainability measures! An ambitious project needs ambitious goals!

How will the trajectory go?

Utilizing a multifaceted approach, it carefully maps existing sustainable practices, organizes workshops to pinpoint key challenges and opportunities for improvement, and produces extensive benchmark studies and practical guidelines. ESMIS also uses interactive tools to effectively spread knowledge within the sports community. By motivating and equipping sports facilities to adopt sustainable practices, the project aspires to enhance community engagement and drive positive environmental, social, and economic outcomes. Through collaborative efforts, ESMIS seeks to lead the charge towards a more sustainable future for sports facilities across Europe.

Cluster Sports &Technology is leading the project and coordinating the actions of the different work packages and the efforts of all partners. Our team also is responsible for drafting the methodology framework that will define what type of sustainability solutions the ESMIS project will look for. At a later stage, we will coordinate the process of mapping, analyzing and benchmarking best practices across Europe.

The project started in December 2023. We will keep you updated on our progress through our news section!

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Started: 1 December 2023


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