The research team of Professor Bert Blocken from TU / e (Eindhoven University of Technology), part of the Cluster Sports & Technology, has conducted scientific research into the effect of innovative air cleaning equipment on the spread of aerosols in gyms, among others. Aerosols are the particles of saliva in the air that can spread the coronavirus. Therefore, it is important to prevent the spread of these particles, especially in an environment where people are breathing deeply and sweating a lot.

Ventilation alone is not enough to prevent the spread of aerosols, says Blocken in the Eindhovens Dagblad. This requires special, innovative air cleaning equipment. Use of this equipment with good filters in combination with good ventilation can remove 80-90% of the aerosols from the air. “This is an aerodynamic study, not a virological study.” The effect on infection risk itself has not been investigated. Read the complete article here (Eindhovens Dagblad, Dutch).


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Publication Date: 31-3-2021