The Cluster Sports & Technology has its origins in the top technology center of the Netherlands: the Brainport region. The Cluster is a network of business, sports field labs, governments and knowledge institutions. The Cluster Sports & Technology was founded in 2005 by the Dutch Research Organization TNO and various other regional partners to utilize and combine the excellence of the Brainport region in the field of sport, knowledge (digital, design, technology, health, etc.). ) and business.

Cluster members are moving together for a vital, sporting society. We generate economic and social impact, with technology and open innovation as the engine, building on the power of the Brainport region.


The Cluster Sports & Technology constitutes of more than 130 companies (mostly SME), 10 sportfieldlabs, key knowledge partners as IMEC NL, TNO, TU\e and Fontys Univertisity of Applied Science and has direct links to public authorities and partners.

Cluster Management Organisation

Cluster management is provided by the eponymous foundation. This is a non-profit foundation, with an operational staff of 5 people involved in business and innovation stimulation and living lab development.

The foundation has a board that represent the Q-helix partners. The public sector is represented as advisory to the board.  The foundation has a direct link to the regional managing authority and serves as  DEAB (Diensten van Algemeen Economisch Belang, translated as SGEI: Services of General Economic Interest) which means that S&T has a mandated responsibility for Innovation in sports and vitality.

Custer Excellence Label

The cluster is continuously thriving for strengthening its impact. It holds the Bronze Cluster Excellence label, granted by ESCA.