The Cluster Sports & Technology is open to all parties that support its mission:

Moving together for a vital and sportive society, generating economical and societal impact with technology and open innovation as driver, building on the strengths of the Brainport region

Participants in the Cluster are supported in their innovation and business ambitions. See here the overview of the Cluster participants. In addition, we have strategic collaborations with regional partners Brabant Sport and Brainport Development. The Cluster is one of the founding partners of EPSI (European Platform for Sports Innovation). Furthermore the cluster is co-leading the European Smart Specialisation Partnership on Sport & Vitality: ClusSport.


Brabant Sport

The Sports & Technology Cluster fills the pillar of technological innovations of Brabant Sport. Brabant Sport also has the pillars of talent development, unique sports, events, urban sports and culture and top athletes. Brabant Sport is committed to making Brabant stronger through sport.



Brainport Development: the economic development agency that works with many partners to strengthen the Brainport Eindhoven region. Within the Brainport Healthy and Vital program, innovations for exercise, sports and vitality are realized to ensure that more residents are active and vital. The Cluster Sports & Technology is one of the key partners who help realize this.


European Platform for Sport Innovation

The Sports and Technology Cluster is a member of the European Platform for Sport Innovation (EPSI). This is a  Brussels based member-based network organization. The network focuses on innovation in sports, health, leisure, tourism and more. The platform strives for a more innovation-friendly environment in order to stimulate business development.