Vanuit het project Inno4Sports krijgt iedere partner de kans om twee regionale beste practices voor sport en/of vitaliteit in de spotlights te zetten. Wij kozen o.a. voor een artikel over de speelkoepel Moby. Lees het hieronder. Bekijk hier het originele artikel en de beste practices uit andere regio’s. 

This interactive play dome helps kids play together

Over the past years several studies have shown that children worldwide aren’t getting enough physical activity, so authorities, NGO’s and companies are asking themselves the same question: how do we get kids to play and exercise more? In the Netherlands a company called Novasports invented an interactive play dome for children that will help them play together anywhere they want.

Novasports is a company in the South of Netherlands which develops and sells innovative sport, game and training products and concepts. These products and concepts help people move together based on their intrinsic need. With the pedagogically sound sport and game items and concepts, Novasports tries to make a positive contribution to society. ‘Fun, movement, development and playing together are central’, as one of the founders of Novasports describes it.

In line with their mission Novasports wanted to develop a cheap and versatile playground equipment that you could bump into without too many problems. They invented Moby, an interactive play dome. The play dome is a kind of large, half-cut ball, with a radius of 1.20 meters and a height of 60 centimetres. The dome has openings on all sides. Because it’s only 60 centimetres high, children can still fall off without the need for a shock-absorbing surface. The play dome is interactive, equipped with technology and chalk paint. The dome – which is also available without the technology – is equipped with sensors that detect movements and the paly sounds and lights, so that different sports and games can be played.

The sensors detect an approaching child about 4 meters away. At that moment, a voice invites the child to come and play. Initially with simple challenges, such as ‘Crawl through the green hole’. The child can also choose a game itself. Like Twister, where the voice gives commands along the lines of: ‘Put your leg through the green hole and your hand through the blue hole at the same time’.

Different thematic canvas covers are available separately. These can easily be stretched over the dome, after which varied thematic and educational sports and games can be played. The intuitive shape of the dome also challenges children to come up with a game themselves.

The analogue play dome can, for example, be used as a ball by tag, or for various (ball) games.

InnoSportLab Sport & Movement
InnoSportLab Sport & Movement, a SportFieldLab in the cluster Sports & Technology, supports Novasports by digitize the play dome even more and to make it technologically interactive. In addition, they coordinate the user tests for children and educationalists in order to create at suitable interactive games forms. They also offer Novasports support in taking the first steps to the market.