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SmartClips making training much more fun

Technology can be used to encourage people to exercise. But technology can also make training much more fun. This is exactly what ‘SmartClips’ does. SmartClips is an interactive training system with LED lights that can be used for training, education and physiotherapy.

With SmartClips users can compile their own training. The user can set how the light changes colour. The SmartClips train your body on reaction, coordination, power and speed.

SmartClips is developed by the Dutch company Embedded Fitness, which is based in Helmond, the South Netherlands. Embedded Fitness develops tailored interactive movement concepts. They link new technologies to exercise equipment to develop ‘exergames’. They combine movement and entertainment in serious gaming products. Movement, health, games and entertainment for education, healthcare, authorities and companies are central to Embedded Fitness.

The company worked on SmartClips for a year and half before they launched it. With SmartClips there are countless opportunities for education, the fitness industry, physiotherapists and the healthcare sector. SmartClips can be used by professionals and amateurs.

For example, you can use the SmartClips

For training:
Sport and running courses, interval training, coordination and agility, endurance and speed training. For training effective perception and cognitive skills. The SmartClips can also be used for organized sports, such as: football, hockey and basketball.

For education:
Can be used for various learning paths within physical education. Targets, relays, tap games and various forms of course. But there are also plenty of opportunities to use this product for cooperation assignments, reaction games or coordination forms.

Urban Sports
Urban sports such as survival and CrossFit are mainly about agility, speed and coordination. Training forms can be made extra challenging by using SmartClips. For example, to complete a course as quickly as possible or to tap out, SmartClips can be attached to and on the obstacle in order of colour.

By setting the SmartClips apart, they can be used optimally in rehabilitation and other remedial therapeutic area. The SmartClips can be used in neurological exercises such as by multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. The SmartClips also has a very stimulating effect during reaching exercises or walking courses. In that way, overall stability is enhanced.

Integrated in an own fitness program, the SmartClips provide more variety in the training. A great tool for professional trainers or to be used in the fitness studio.

In the clips below you can see how SmartClips use and work.

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